Certified Research Administrator Study Group

About the CRA Study Group
The CRA Study Group is a self-study program facilitated by small group meetings and designed for all Emory University research administrators who are interested in and qualify to take the certified research administrator (CRA) exam. The CRA exam is managed by the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC), an independent certifying body. To learn more about the CRA and other certifications offered by RACC, please visit their website (http://cra-cert.org/). A CRA designation demonstrates a broad knowledge of all aspects of research administration including, but not limited to, project development and administration, legal requirements and sponsor interface, financial management, and general management of sponsored research.

How can I join the CRA study group?

  1. Follow RGC on LinkedIn.
  2. Look for our “pinned Post to Join the Emory Virtual CRA-Study Group
  3. Click onto the “Recommended” tab
  4. Send a request to join the Quizlet study sets
    1. You must post your username within the group for your request to join, to be approved.
  5. Happy Studying!