Payment Correspondence

Please use the following information for all payment correspondence.

1599 Clifton Road, 3rd floor, Atlanta, GA 30322-4250
Main Phone (404) 727-4240
Fax (404) 727-5508
Payment Correspondence:
Banking/Lockbox: Guidance

You can mail all payments to the following address:

     Emory University

     P O Box 935084

     Atlanta, GA 31193-5084

If your agency wishes to send payment via overnight courier, use the following address:

     Wells Fargo-Emory University

     P O Box 935084

     3585 Atlanta Avenue

     Hapville, GA 30354

     Phone Number 404-684-4855

 International SWIFT




 Congressional District

     GA 05

 IRC Section

     501(c) (3)



 Wire Payments:

For Wire payements information contact:

The Cash Management Team