Reporting Guide

Refer to the guide below for help in finding grants-related information in our current reports:

Data Needed Report Name Report Type
Budget Available Budget Transaction Detail Report EBI
Transaction Details Revenue & Expense Transaction Detail Report EBI
Cash Balance Sponsored Research Financial Summary Report EBI
Employee Paid From Projects Labor Transaction Detail Report EBI
Award Data for a PI Award Analysis Report (Award Tab) EBI
Expense Data for a PI Award Analysis Report (Expenses Tab) EBI
PI Committed Effort Quick View PI Page Quick View
Burn Rate Quick View Project Page Quick View
Project Trend/Forcasting Data Sponsored Projects Financial Trend EBI
Award Dollar Variances for Dept/School Award Analysis Report  (Award Tab) EBI
Expense Variances for Dept/School Award Analysis Report (Expenses Tab) EBI
All Awards from a Given Sponsor Award Analysis Report (Award Tab) EBI
List of Clinical Trials Award Analysis Report (Choose Purpose Prompt of TRIAL) EBI
Encumbrance Balances Encumbrance Transaction Detail Report EBI
Deficits Sponsored Research Financial Summary EBI
FSR Financial Milestones EU_GM_FSR_MILESTONE_FRC_FRA_A Query
Award/Contract Budget by Type EU_GM_BUD_AMT_BY_ENTRY_TYPE Query
Award/Contract Closeout Milestones EU_GM_BUD_AMT_BY_ENTRY_TYPE Query

Budget, Limit, Processed Expenses By Contract

Possible CAS Charges EU_GM_CAS_POSSIBLE_EXP Query
Possible CAS Charges EU_GM_CAS_POSSIBLE_EXP2 Query
Projects Subject To Salary Cap EU_GM_SALARY_CAP_PROJECTS Query
AR Aging Report EU_GM_AR_AGING_RAS Query
Awards Ending in a Given Date Range EU_GM_90Day_AWD_END_DATE_LST Query
Percentage of Effort Effort Analysis Report EBI
Status of Effort Certification Effort Status Report EBI
(Sponsored) AR Aging Report Sponsored Research Accountants Receivable Aging Report EBI
Effort NIH Salary Cap Effort Salary Cap Report EBI