Grants Quick View

Grants Quick View pages are a series of three pages in Compass that bring together pertinent grants information in a simple, concise format. These pages can be access by signing into Compass, clicking on the GRANTS option in the menu, and then clicking on GRANTS QUICK VIEW.

There are three pages: one for a PI, one for an award, and one for a project. See main screen below.

grants quick view

PI Page
This page is made of up three sections. The first shows all awards for a PI. Clicking on the award number will take you to the award page for more detailed award information. The second shows all proposals and their current status. The third section shows a PI's total committed effort across all projects.

Award Page
This page shows award details for a given award such as Title, Reference Award Number, PI, Sponsor, Purpose, Status, Start Date, End Date, Awarded Amount, Direct Amount, and Indirect Amount. It lists each project under the award along with that projects cumulative budget, expenses, encumbrances, and available balance.

Project Page
This page shows details for a given project including Title, PI, Sponsor, Status, Start and End Date, F and A Rate, and Funded Amount. Below these details there are four sections.

The first shows amounts broken out by account code showing budget, expenses, encumbrances, and available balance at a detailed level.

The second section shows actual burn rate versus a budgeted burn rate. The actual burn rate is the occurred expenses divided by the number of months elapsed on the project. The budgeted burn rate is the total funded amount divided by the number of months between the project start and end dates.

The third section on the project page shows any smartkeys that are associated with this project. Here you will see if more than one smartkey has been created and the status for each of them. You will also see any cost-share smartkeys that the project may be using.

Finally, the last section is the project team. This shows any key personnel that are working on the project and any effort they have committed.