Emory's Research Certification (eRAE)

The Offices of Sponsored Programs in collaboration with the Controller's Office, and Research Grants and Contracts have developed training certification tracks to support the purpose of ensuring that each Emory Research Administrator has the opportunity to develop the competencies that will ensure successful compliance with award agreements. All Emory University employees in an administrative role are encouraged to complete the Pre-Award Research Administrator series of the courses within 180 days of employment.

Program Overview

There are two defined tracks by which individuals in the research community can obtain their certification. The first is for those who are Pre-Award Administrators and do not have the responsibility for monitoring budgets in Compass. These classes in this track will provide a higher level understanding of pre-award sponsored programs administration. The second is for Post-Award Research Administrators and will provide a more in-depth understanding of the reconciliation, review and closeout processes for sponsored programs at Emory.

About Your Certification Status

A certification is only good for a term of one year. You must complete continuing professional development educational seminars in order to maintain your certification.

Obtaining Your Certification

Below outlines the course requirements. The tracks are a combination of online and classroom facilitated courses. Each online and instructor-led training registration can be accessed using Emory's Learning Management System (ELMS) or by clicking the links below.

Once all courses are completed, you will need to submit a application. A link to this application is provided in the table below. Please submit the application and a copy of your scores from the online training to OSP-OGCA-EDCOMMS@listserv.cc.emory.edu.

Pre-Award Research Administrator
Post-Award Research Administrator
Introduction to Research AdministrationIntroduction to Research Administration
Uniform GuidanceUniform Guidance
RAE ClassroomRAE Classroom
Effort ReportingEffort Reporting
RAE ExamRAE Exam
RAE Certification ApplicationRAE Certification Application

The Research at Emory Certification program offers two course tracks. Courses must be taken sequentially in the order outlined.

There are no additional educational requirements for the calendar year in which the certification is received. During the following year and each subsequent year, in order to maintain certification, the individual must earn a minimum of 6 points of professional development annually. Annual reporting of this is required via the RAE Re-certification Form.

There are several paths for meeting this certification requirement.

Access the RAE (Research Administration at Emory) training materials online using the following: